Our friends don’t ask “How are you”, they ask “Where are you”

We are a family of 6 (plus 1 fur-child) that spent 6 years living full-time in a 5th wheel RV while traveling the United States. In the spring of 2021 we parted ways with our beloved RV in preparation for taking an overseas assignment with the U.S. military.

I, Kevin, currently work as a Emergency Medicine RN for the U.S. Navy. Before military service, I worked as a travel nurse in Emergency Departments all over the United States for a period of 3 years, usually spending 13 weeks at each location.

We enjoy exploring new areas of the country/globe and visiting family and friends in different states/countries along the way as well as making new friends in new places. We home-school our children to be more directly involved in their educations.

Our family is comprised of Heather and Kevin and our four children. For our childrens’ safety and to reduce their online presence we have elected to refer to them by nicknames instead of their given names. Our oldest girl is “Pie”, our oldest son is “Bug”, our youngest girl is “Miss Kicky Feet”, and our youngest son is “Chipmunk”. Our Labradoodle fur-child is Dixie, our southern belle, who we purchased from a breeder in Florida in the fall of 2015.

If you see us along our travels, feel free to send us a message and let us know where you saw us. We love to get feedback.

Within some posts specific businesses are mentioned. We have no financial interests in any of these businesses and receive no compensation for referrals to these businesses. We are simply sharing our personal experiences and interactions with these businesses.

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