In the Beginning…

By: Kevin

We started thinking of traveling back in 2014 when my mother-in-law suggested travel nursing as a means to a higher income within the field of emergency nursing. We discussed and evaluated our options, and decided to go for it. We started looking for an RV that would fit our needs and after researching tiny houses, school bus conversions, Class As, Travel trailers, and Fifth wheels, we decided on a used 2008 Forest River 32SRV fifth wheel toy hauler. We went to look at it, offered cash, and towed it home the same day. However, our travel plans were put on hold due to the quickly approaching Northern Ohio winter, as we purchased it at the end of the season. The RV sat in the side yard of our rented 2,000 sq. ft. farm house until spring. However, we did perform some upgrades over the winter, such as changing all the interior 12-volt lighting to LEDs to reduce heat and energy use.

In the early spring we started moving items into the RV with an anticipated launch date of May or June 2015. That abruptly changed when I was offered my first travel nursing contract starting in mid-April in Southern Ohio. With the bare essentials moved into the RV, I moved the RV to a campground 3 hours away to start my first contract. This move was made possible thanks to Heather’s grandfather’s diesel truck, as my truck was currently in the shop getting major bodywork done. Apparently telephone poles don’t move much….oops.

For the next few weeks Heather sorted the majority of what remained in Mansfield, OH and organized a garage sale. The garage sale occurred over three days, one of which was sunny, one was rainy, and one day it snowed. That’s typical Ohio weather for you! We shuttled our remaining belongings one vehicle load at a time to Southern Ohio, and officially moved in to the RV as a family around the end of April. I should note that over these few weeks I was working 36 hours a week in Southern Ohio as well as running back and forth to Mansfield which made for a busy schedule, especially since I had started an online BSN program.

And so started our RV travel adventures…

Author: ReadyRovers

Our adventures and travels as a military emergency nurse & family

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