Largo/Clearwater/Tampa, FL

October 2016-Feb 2017

By: Kevin

This post now brings us up to real time. We have recounted our past travels over the past year and a half and have reached our current location and time. We are living in Largo, FL and I am working in Tampa, across the I-275 bridge from us. We are enjoying visiting with my sister and her family who live in Clearwater, about 10 minutes to the north from our current campground. We carved pumpkins with my sister and her family, however unlike when we lived in Ohio and our Halloween pumpkins sometimes lasted a month or more outside, the Florida heat zapped the life from them in a mere 3 days upon which they were retired to the dumpster.



We enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast at my sister’s house and watched the OSU Buckeyes beat that team up north a few days later. img_3386

In return for inviting ourselves to my sister’s house all the time we were more than happy to host a birthday party for my nephew and a sleep-over at the RV including cookout, swimming in the campground pool, and a movie night for the kids.

We have been taking advantage of the warm sunny weather here in Florida, and have been bicycling sections of the Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail, a 44-mile long bike path that spans from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs before curling back south to East Lake, FL. I would like to cover the entire length of the trail from end-to-end before we leave the area, and we are about 2/3 completed at this time. Miss Kicky Feet even gets to come along in her car seat nestled in the bike trailer behind my bicycle.


We are now rapidly approaching Christmas. Our RV is adorned with a 3-foot artificial tree and a few strings of LED outdoor lights on the canopy and exterior of the RV. The church that we have been attending, Harborside, had their Winter picnic a few weeks ago, and since we will not see any natural snow this far south this year they set up a tubing slide with shaved ice to allow members to enjoy winter activities….while wearing shades and shorts of course.img_3334

The nights are starting to get cool…meaning that it is dipping below 70 degrees at night, and we will soon be wishing each other a Happy New Year. What will 2017 have in store for us? I don’t know, but am excited to find out, and see what new places we get to explore along the way.

Author: ReadyRovers

Our adventures and travels as a military emergency nurse & family

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