Return to west Texas

San Angelo, TX (round 2)

This spring we are, for the first time since starting to travel, returning to an assignment where I have already worked. It has proved to be both the same and different for me this time around. I was fully expecting to walk back in to the ER and find that nothing had changed, and for the most part I was correct in that theory. However, nothing ever stays the same, even if it has only been 9 months since my prior departure. The staff in the ER has changed slightly, and some of the processes are slightly different. I read on another RV family’s blog that while one may miss someplace they have worked or lived in the past, they do not truly miss the place, but the idea of what the place used to be for them. People move and businesses open or close in our absence. Circling back to San Angelo has, to a small degree, shown me the truth of that concept.

Our camping accommodations are different this year. Since we added the Annex to our mobile lifestyle in November, the KOA campground in town will no longer permit us to stay there without finding a storage lot to keep our small box trailer. Since, after discussion, we were not willing to make that accommodation we have landed at a new campground in town, Concho Pearl RV. It sadly does not have a playground or pool like the KOA, but life goes on and we are happy there. We have had the blessing of being parked next to another fulltime RV family with kids and the campground staff informed us that within the very near future another family with kids will be pulling in on the other side of us for a month or more. Like many things in life we may not fully understand the reason things happen the way they do, but God has a plan even if we don’t see it at the time. Maybe it was God’s will that we would find ourselves between two other RV families with kids at our current campground instead of being parked at the KOA, which was my plan for this assignment.

We have already explored the immediate area and town, which has made it easy to get around town as we already know where to get groceries and propane. We already know what restaurants are available in town, and what restaurants are not available. Even so, we were invited to an art gallery which we had never been to yet, and are planning to check out a new church in town.

This also affords us the ability to explore new areas of Texas. Last year we explored San Antonio, Dallas/Fort Worth, & Carlsbad, NM. This year we have plans to visit a few new places  including some National and State parks. It is exciting to see what new adventures we will find even in an area we have already been to before now.

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