A Day at the Beach

Our kiddos have played and/or gone swimming along the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Gulf of Mexico. This trip to the beach would add the Pacific Ocean to the list. And what is better than a day at the beach? A day at the beach with your cousins! Pie and Bug had a wonderful time digging, playing, and exploring with their cousins, who live in California.
There was not too much playing in the water since it was quite cool and overcast, even a little bit of drizzle, but that did not stop them from enjoying the sand. Four of them spent much of their beach time digging a huge hole that all four of them could comfortably fit into. Later in the afternoon we went to explore some nearby tide pools. Everyone loved searching the pools for interesting creatures. There were a lot of crabs of all sizes and a really cool thing that looked like a giant slug but is called a hare. We also found anemones. We did not have too long to look since the tide was headed back in with quite a bit of force! After we got everyone back across a gap that was quickly filling with rushing water (and retrieved Pie’s lost flip flop) we decided to continue on down the beach. Everyone highly enjoyed walking and climbing and jumping along beach and rocks as we made our way down the beach. We saw interesting and colorful tiny little rocks and shells washed up onto the beach among the driftwood and seaweed and broken flip flops. We found small caves and several mystical staircases leading up the cliffs to palatial (to us) houses. I finally had the kids do an about face and head back to walk and jump and climb our way back to the rest of the family, where we picked up jackets and played in the sand for a bit more before heading home to dinner.

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