Route 66

I knew route 66 was a big deal across the western US, but I had not originally tailored our travel plans to include any stops along route 66. I simply mapped the best route between origin and destination for each leg of our journey. I was pleasantly surprised that I-40 criss-crosses route 66 many times and even shares the road with it part of its distance.  We first came across route 66 in San Bernardino county, California and came back across the route in Arizona, then a few more times as we progressed east on our travels.

While in Arizona we decided to travel along route 66 and stopped in the small town of Williams, AZ along the Kaibab National Forest. This neat little town was full of the Route 66 vibe. There were shops and restaurants, as well as museums and classic cars. They even had a reenacted gunfight in the evening between westerners. Of course there was no shortage of Native American items and influence in the town as well. 

We strolled the sidewalks and perused through the shops before eating dinner at a great little Mexican restaurant. It was a nice change of pace to simply stroll instead of moving along at freeway speeds. Heather and all three of the kids got Route 66 shirts while we were there to commemorate our visit. I also picked up a Route 66 sticker for the back of the RV, which is getting a nice collection of stickers from across the United States.

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2 thoughts on “Route 66”

  1. And did you know that many places along Route 66 were the inspiration for the movie CARS. In Williams, there is the gas station with “Tin Lizzie”. In Holbrook, AZ is the Tee Pee Motel that turned into the Cozy Cone Inn. And Radiator Springs is really Peach Springs, AZ….. 🙂

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    1. I am not surprised that it was based on real places, but did not know where they were in real life. Heather asks where the curving scenery is that McQueen and Sally cruise through with the awesome overlooks.


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