Speedy Trip to Ohio

By: Kevin

Looking back at our post history, we have been silent for a while now. Sorry about that; we were off enjoying our experiences. So, prepare for some catch-up as we post multiple blog posts over the next few days.


As many of you know, we are changing our speed of travel a bit by joining the US Navy. My first assignment will be in California for the next three years. In preparation for this move we wanted to make a few visits with some key family and friends prior to our westward departure. Of course, some of these key people are located in Ohio, where both Heather and I grew up. So, a trip to Ohio was in order!

I found a few days in a row that I was off work, and we made plans to make our rounds. Heather’s family decided they would like to have Christmas for the kids while we were in the state, since they were not planning to visit Florida this season. We packed up the van, and after I got off work at 3:00am, we piled into the van and headed North. We were on the road by 4:00am. Logically, I took the first shift driving as I was still wide awake from working, and the iced coffee by my side helped keep me awake too.img_5722

Once in Ohio, some 15 hours and two fuel stops later, we enjoyed “Christmas Dinner” before heading to bed. Over the next day and a half we made our rounds and visited family and friends as well as a rather crazy present-opening frenzy with the family. The kids received loads of presents and were overjoyed! They even got winter coats, hats, and gloves for when they make their way to Ohio and then Rhode Island later this winter. We were very thankful to be able to make the trip and see these special people before we head west.


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