Cave Okinawa

The island of Okinawa has many small caves and caverns all across the island. It is one of the geographical aspects that made it so hard for the Americans to win the battle of Okinawa during the 2nd World War.Cave Okinawa is a decent-sized natural cave in the central region of the island that extends some distance under the surrounding topography. It has 2 non-descript entrances and a steel support structure with wooden planks for visitors to tour the cave. The electric lighting is adequate, albeit rudimentary by American standards as it is a two-wire system with no grounding and the connections are a little crude (the things I notice…). There is a fast-moving stream inside the cave, so being able to walk above the water was welcomed. However, we did note the difference between what the Japanese considers safe versus what the United States would consider safe for tourist use. I do not think the rails and planks in the cave would have passed OSHA inspection. The cave was about 4 feet wide in some places, yet opened up to a great room of maybe 20 feet tall and 30 feet wide at its widest point. As with most caves, the cool damp climate of the cave was a welcome change to the heavy heat outside. The tour only took us about 30 minutes to complete, but everyone agreed it was worth the stop.

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