Dallas, TX and National Boy Scout Museum

Once an Eagle Scout, Always an Eagle Scout


By: Kevin

While on assignment in Texas we made a trip to Dallas to officially transfer our vehicle titles, license plates, driver licenses, and other official paperwork to become Texans. We also needed vehicle inspections for all three vehicles, and the RV. I was not thrilled about spending the majority of the day in government offices, but it actually went faster and easier than expected, and we had some extra time on our hands by mid-afternoon. We opted to visit the Boy Scouts of America national office and Boy Scout museum. Located within the museum is a wonderful collection of original Norman Rockwell paintings, which are impressive on their own, let alone the rest of the museum.

As a Boy Scout starting at the rank of Tiger and progressing all the way to Eagle Scout, I especially enjoyed the museum, and telling Heather and the kids about the many opportunities that I was able to partake in through the Scouting program. The kids liked crawling through and artificial cave while wearing Petzl helmets and paddling a canoe down a “river”. Heather and I enjoyed the laser shooting range. As Bug approaches the age of Tiger Cubs, I am excited to guide him through the scouting program.

Author: ReadyRovers

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