Cape Code & The Pickle Jar Kitchen

By: Kevin

Another side trip that we made while I was working in Rhode Island was to explore Cape Cod, Massachusetts referred to by many as simply ‘the cape’.

We started off the day by walking around and exploring the shops of Falmouth, MA. The kids found a large playground that they enjoyed, and gave them some time to run off some energy. We had lunch at the Pickle Jar Kitchen, a great little restaurant along Main street in Falmouth. While you could drive by it without much thought, the food and atmosphere are worth the stop. It has been featured on the Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and for good reason. The food was well-made, delicious, and of sufficient quantity. The kids got chef hats and crayons so they could color their hats however they wished. You can watch the Food Network DDD video here

We visited one of the beaches along the southern coast of the cape, which was very nice, but once we had been spoiled by the wonderful Florida beaches nothing else quite measures up to them.We stumbled across the Highland Lighthouse, also known as the Cape Cod Light, along our journey and enjoyed the view of the sunset from the lighthouse grounds.

We explored the cape from end to end with no particular destination in mind over the course of the day, reaching the northern tip of the cape, Provincetown, around nightfall. I will have to say the sand dunes and beaches in Provincetown greatly resembled the beaches we were used to in Florida, and if night had not been closing in on us, we would have spent more time enjoying these beaches.

It was now time for us to make our way back to the campground in Rhode Island. It was past the time of the last ferry departure that runs between the mainland and the cape, so we drove back down around the cape to get to the mainland and across the border to Rhode Island.

Author: ReadyRovers

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