Naval War College Museum

By: Kevin

While working in Rhode Island we took a day trip down to Newport, RI to the US Navy base there. We explored the base a little and went to the Naval War College Museum. The museum had military weapons, uniforms, and displays about how the Navy has fought over the course of history. As a former Naval Midshipman I found the museum interesting, but it may not be on my kids’ top 10 list of places they have visited.

One important note for anyone wishing to visit the museum is that one must have clearance to enter the navy base in order to get to the museum. Those with military ID can contact the security office for clearance, or civilians can apply for clearance through the same office. For civilians it normally takes about 10 days to receive your clearance, so plan your visit accordingly.


Author: ReadyRovers

Our adventures and travels as a military emergency nurse & family

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