Goodbye Florida

By: Kevin

We are on the road again! We have enjoyed our time in Florida, but the time has come to explore elsewhere. The final destination of this trip is somewhere we have already explored, but the journey can be as fun as the destination. On our way to San Angelo, Texas we are making stops in Little Rock, Arkansas and Houston, Texas. You can read about those adventures in posts over the next week and a half.

We pulled out of Largo yesterday morning and headed North. It was a gray rainy day, so we were very thankful that we prepared for the trip by buying new windshield wipers and reapplying Rain-X to both vehicles. It rained most of the day with some glimmers of sunshine in the evening.

One advantage of towing your home behind you is that you have access to everything in it while travelling. The whole family made use of the toilet, which we preferred over using (sometimes questionable) gas station restrooms. We pulled food from the fridge for lunch, and when dinner came around we “ate in” while relaxing on the couch as the RV sat in a semi-truck parking lot beside a gas station somewhere in Alabama. Heather baked a tuna noodle casserole in the RV oven which was quite good. We all had second helpings. Since the range/oven/refrigerator all run off of propane and the lights run on 12 volts, we were right at home, even without firing up the generator or plugging into shore power.

Last night we slept in a Cracker Barrel parking lot (which are notorious for being RV-friendly) after pulling off the road a mere 566 miles from where we started yesterday morning. Our sleeping location also gave us a pretty easy decision on what to eat for breakfast this morning.

We were back on the road after breakfast and stopped to prepare bagged lunches in a Lowe’s parking lot in New Albany, MS. We tried to go to the Wal-Mart just up the street, but I could not even pull into their parking lot. There were large metal barricades across all the entrances prohibiting vehicles taller than 10 feet tall from entering. Since the RV is 12’ 9” tall, I guess this Wal-Mart does not want our business. I have seen Wal-Marts that prohibit overnight parking, but none to date that prohibit large vehicles from coming to shop.

Shortly before dark we arrived at our home for the next few days, a KOA Kampground in Little Rock, Arkansas. We even squeezed the RV, truck, van, and the Annex (box trailer) on one site, much to the surprise of the office staff. We have travelled just under 1,000 miles since we pulled out of Largo yesterday, and we are ready to go exploring for a few days instead of sitting in our vehicles all day. Tomorrow we explore Little Rock!

Author: ReadyRovers

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye Florida”

  1. How does that Wal Mart get their semi truck deliveries? Many Stores are “family friendly” and allow over night parking at the outer edge of lots. Glad to read you are enjoying the interim journey. I have never been to Little Rock. I do have an invitation to join 2 ski patrol friends at Snow shoe, WV for 3 or 4 days of skiing. HOPE the snow holds.


    1. I looked at Google maps and it appears there is a back entrance to the loading docks, but barricades keeping them from coming around the side of the store


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