Roller coasters and a Wedding

By: Kevin

A week and a half ago we made a quick trip to Ohio to attend a wedding. Along the way we stopped at the St. Louis Arch, which you can read about in our previous post.

While in Ohio we spent one of our days at Cedar Point. We have not been to Cedar Point in a few years, and as former season pass holders, we were eager to make the trip back to Sandusky. However, this time the kids were tall enough to go on some coasters with us. Pie proved to be our little dare devil and rode Gatekeeper, Millennium Force and Valravn with us just to name a few. She also accompanied Heather and “the girls” on Snake River Falls. “The boys”, Grandma, and Miss Kicky Feet elected to stay dry and watch from the brick bridge along the waterfront. Bug was a little less adventurous than Pie, deciding that Iron Dragon was enough coaster for him. He did really enjoy the swings next to Maverick, and rode them over and over again while the girls were getting drenched on Snake River Falls. We also were able to visit with our good friends Megan & Tim while at Cedar Point, who we have not seen since they last visited us during my contract in Daytona Beach. One of Tim’s friends even gave the kids large stuffed dogs, which Tim’s friend had won. The kids happily toted their dogs around for the remainder of the day. IMG_5040We finally left the park around 11:30pm. Surprisingly, Miss Kicky Feet and her cousin Timmy both handled the day pretty well and only really started to crash and get grumpy as we were headed back to the vehicle in the parking lot. Miss Kicky Feet was asleep in her car seat before we made it off property.

The trip also included a wedding, which was the original purpose of the trip. My good friend and fellow RN, Anna invited us to bear witness to her wedding to Corey, her mountain man. The ceremony was lovely and the reception was elegant. I think we surprised the couple as well as some relatives that we made the trip from Missouri for the event, but we wouldn’t have missed it! I even had the dates written into my current hospital contract to ensure I had the time off to attend. Aunt Juli and Uncle Steve set off some surprise professional-grade fireworks at the reception, much to the delight of those in attendance. For those of you who are wondering, yes, they are licensed to do so.

The trip included a few “honey-do” list items while we were there for Karla, Heather’s mom. I was happy to knock these items off the list, however the ‘switch out the toilet for a new one’ task turned into ‘Replace entire bathroom floor with new tile and grout…before setting new toilet in place’. Needless to say that task took a bit of time to complete.

The joyous weekend was also marked with sadness, although we didn’t realize it until we returned to Missouri from our trip. The kind and sweet couple, John and Mary, who owns the campground at which we are staying in Missouri has been battling some health problems for some time now. Unknown to us at the time, John had passed away the evening before we had left for Ohio. As we were celebrating the Holy marriage of our friends in Ohio, our other friends were mourning the passing of John in Missouri.

“…The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away. Blessed be the name of the LORD.” -Job 1:21

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