Ice Ice Baby

When one wonders what to do on rainy dreary day on a sub-tropical island what else comes to mind except…….Ice Skating! OK, well, maybe that is not the FIRST thing that may come to mind, but that is exactly what we did on a rainy Monday holiday. Located in a very well insulated building in Naha is a public full-sized ice rink. While we have ice skated before (in San Diego of all places) it took a bit of time to dust off our skills on the ice. Then we spent the next few hours spinning in circles, playing tag with each other, and helping Miss Kicky Feet who was a little slower to regain her confidence on the ice. Chipmunk was not a huge fan of his ice skates and preferred to be pushed around in a plastic toy car that had been fitted with metal runners and handles for an adult to push around the rink.

Chipmunk, Miss Kicky Feet, and Mom

Bug, who was wearing a pair of new blue jeans, found that when he fell and slid on the ice his jeans had enough extra dye in them that he would leave blue streaks on the ice. This of course became a game of how long of a blue streak he could leave on the ice.

Blue Jeans streaks on the ice rink

The only thing that really detracted from the experience was that we all still have to wear masks here on island for COVID mitigation, and after exhaling warm breath into cloth masks for a few hours in a freezing environment our masks became rather full of condensation and increased our work of breathing. However, masks or not we all had a good time and would come back again in the future.

Reindeer antlers poking through Pie’s helmet

Before we left we found a vending machine in the lobby that offered cans of hot chocolate (well played ice rink, well played) so the kids asked in their sweetest voices if we could please have some. We agreed and proceeded to buy the last 3 cans the machine had to offer.

Author: ReadyRovers

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