Adding Another Bubble Maker

By: Kevin

When we arrived in Okinawa last year we were told there is world-class scuba diving here. We also were educated about all the aquatic life that could injure us in the waters around Okinawa. It took us a few months to determine the true safety of the water, but once we made it past that, we have been exploring the water ever since. I, Kevin, got scuba certified in September of last year, and Heather followed suit in October. Well, now we have a third diver in the family, Pie. Pie successfully passed her Open Water scuba certification this month!

Heather and I have really been enjoying exploring the many colors of the reef, the fish and other aquatic life that live here, and the adventure of being 60 feet under the waves, an area previously inaccessible to us. We have found fouled anchors that had to be cut free from whatever vessel they previously held, discarded sections of large pipe, a Japan Post mailbox, and even a Tiki man carved into the side of a reef that supports a river channel marker. We knew that if we passed up the opportunity to allow the kids to become certified we, and they, would most likely regret it.

Japan Post Mailbox (40′ underwater)

Pie did very well in her class, even showing up her adult classmates in book knowledge and completed her pool and ocean dives successfully. Pie’s instructor was kind and patient and even allowed me to tag along for fun as Pie completed her class ocean dives. I cannot wait to be able to explore the waters with her and see her reactions to the things we find underwater. In the near future, once he finishes with his soccer season, Bug is excited to start his training for scuba diving as well.

Author: ReadyRovers

Our adventures and travels as a military emergency nurse & family

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