Ta-Taki Falls

Yesterday we and some very good friends of ours went to Ta-Taki falls, a natural waterfall in northern Okinawa. Once there we walked up a small paved road to the river entrance and proceeded to river trek up the water for about 3/4 of a mile to the falls. The reviews claimed one could make it from the parking lot to the falls in 30 minutes, but with 4 children under the age of 6, our contingent was not that speedy. The river was mostly knee-deep or less with a few deeper spots that could mostly be avoided by climbing over the rocks on either side of the river. Once at the falls the smallest children were a bit chilled as the water was not the warmest on April Fools Day, which allowed the bigger kids and the young-at-heart to play with less concern for small people safety. The little people huddled under dry towels and demolished a bag of veggie straws while the big kids and parents tried out the rope swing and swimming hole at the base of the falls.

Author: ReadyRovers

Our adventures and travels as a military emergency nurse & family

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